Hieu Huynh

Hieu Huynh

DevOps Engineer



GNU/Linux AWS/GCP VM-based/K8s MySQL/MongoDB Jenkins CI/CD Perf test


NFQ Asia | 8Bit Rockstars

accelerate startups and scale enterprises as DevOps Engineer
August 2017 - Now
Cover A-Z from kicking off startups, discussing and making decisions on tech stack idea, provision infra, tracing problems, issues & provide solutions. Building entire infrastructure from scratch to micro-services, maintain/improve/scale during high traffic and under pressure. Apply best practices for setting up automation CI/CD build, deployment flows to release web apps on multi clouds (AWS, GCP). Co-working with others senior DevOps/SRE in On-call duty (pagerduty) to gain highest value on uptime (alert, acknowledge, resolve, postmortem and follow-up actions)
  • Automation provisioning infra using terraform, ansible playbooks to make sure versioning almost everything (Infra as Code)
  • Building/Handling micro-services by using Kubernetes on GCP (involved/evolved from DEIS architecture to pure managed K8s)
  • Experience with K8s terminologies: ingress, deployment, pod, registry, replicaSet, backendconfig, controller, LB, kubectl,...
  • Design multi dev environments with docker containers, vagrant, ...
  • Dealing and scaling process on high traffic from end-user (~ over 50K rpm for some big services)
  • Design CI/CD process for development team using Jenkins (Jenkinsfile, pipeline, github org with multi-branch, alerting,...)
  • Solid skills and practicing on linux: top, dmesg, systemd, cron, bash/shell scripts, tuning linux vm,...
  • Understanding in MySQL/MongoDB internals, clustering, HA failover, backup/restore (on VM-based, RDS, CloudSQL)
  • Familiarity with writing from micro to complete flow of script by using shell/python/jenkinsfile for adapting multi-purposes.
  • Building many kinds of monitoring/tracing/APM system: Sentry, ELK, telegraf, influxdb, grafana, NewRelic, monit, ...
  • Taking strong responsibility/ownership during on-call periods, working with DevOps/SRE teammates on identifying failures and execute actions for resolving live issues (postmortem, prevention plan).
  • Basic knowledge about serverless architecture: lambda, dynamodb, and google cloud function.

Codebox Solutions - HCM city

work as DevOps Engineer for SalesHood - San Francisco
August 2016 - June 2017
Maintain, troubleshoot CI/CD infrastructure issues, including dev, stage and production environments on AWS. Build and manage MySQL replication, handle SPOF execution processes. Monitor infrastructure, log management, investigating performance issues. Implement penetration testing, run security audit and fixing vulnerabilities to pass OWASP. Design and execute scenarios for stress test.
  • Solid experience with GNU/Linux operating systems, debugging skills such as investigating kern.log, dmesg, syslog, auth.log, service's log on hvm virtualization AWS.
  • Knowledge about system's resource like cpu, mem, swap, cache and ability to dealing with performance problems, OOM Killer. Estimating and choosing the right instance/server and applicable use cases based on benchmarking and workloads.
  • Deep understanding in MySQL master-slave, identify and cure slave lag, binlog, slow query logs.
  • Manage deployment workflows on Jenkins CI, writing bash, python scripts and aws-cli, s3cmd.
  • Familiarity with data pipeline such as Rsyslog, Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana (ELK). Optimize, handle webapp centralized log.
  • Experience with locust.io, gatling.io for performing screnario loadtest.
  • Basic knowledge about ZAP, Burp and Metasploit for discovering vulnerabilities. Communicate and work effectively with dev team to pass security audit from Salesforce.

3Forcom - HCM city

work as Mobile Developer - freelancer
October 2015 - April 2016
Develop windows phone apps and publish to Microsoft store. Learning and using RESTful API for building features.
  • Youtube player: using Youtube API.
  • Network speed test: building from scratch by calculating download/upload time.
  • Spinner game: learning animation.

Side Projects

Micro tools | Personal blog | Knowledge base

Feb 2019 - Now
Supermirco logsystem based on rsyslog that can adapt for any linux log files (system logs, application logs, ...)
  • Using minimal cpu, mem, io resources
  • Realtime update with easy debugging/performing because of plaintext
  • Core logic is based on rsyslog client-server architecture
  • Basic visualize via nginx static file serving
Jan 2017 - Now
A blog about linux, database, infrastructure, and mindset. Share my passion with people like me and to improve my knowledge.
It's a knowledge base and explanation what I learn, only for myself. Everyday I read, debug and research problems, this piece of knowledge will be forgotten if not keep it in somewhere.


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

University of Technology - Bach Khoa HCM
August 2012 - April 2017
  • Graduated with good grade and excellent thesis 9.5/10
  • Working as a leader in most teams at university, having fluent presentation skills.
  • Self-study in Udacity, Coursera, Codecademy, Channel9 MSDN.