RDS as-a-fckin-service

AWS RDS document: Depending on the DB instance class and the amount of storage, it can take up to 20 minutes before the new instance is available.


  • RDB instance status: creating
  • RDS stuck in this fucking step nearly 2 hours and couting
  • db-fuck-as-a-service

I guest aka initiation step-by-step

  • Somehow the init RDB button will trigger a form with all specs, then send sms directly to a fucking devops guy of AWS ;)))
  • Then that guy will goto AWS console, init new EC2 manually by his hand, use rds-fucking-root.pem keypairs
  • YEAH, then then then pick ansible-playbook from somewhere in the internet then run this fuck

AND NOW: we have super-HA-scalable-db-as-a-service behind RDS term

Fact (trustme): nslookup of RDS domain, it will result EC2 domains